The Cumber Family Charitable Trust

The Trust was founded in 1985 by a Berkshire farming family and the current Trustees are all still family members. Their interests continue to be centred on farming and the countryside and they support agricultural and conservation work both locally and in the Third World. Projects local to Oxfordshire and Berkshire, meeting local needs, whether administered by local or national charities are of interest. Educational needs especially those involving disadvantaged children and medical appeals especially cancer research and the hospice movement are another area of interest.

Further afield, the Trustees prefer to support charities working throughout the UK. In a global context, Third World development such as small-scale agricultural projects is of particular interest. They prefer to fund longer term projects that do not necessarily appeal to the general public.

The Trustees receive a lot of applications which do not meet their criteria. Please take time to consider whether your project falls into the areas of particular interest as outlined above and refer to our information for applicants before submitting your written request for support. Your project must fall under the categories listed.