Information for Applicants

Your application must be sent in paper format and not by email or in electronic format. There is no formal application form but you should follow these guidelines and include full contact details and a comprehensive outline of the project.

  1. Applications should be sent to the Secretary.
  2. The Trustees meet twice a year to consider applications usually in March and October. An application needs to be made at least a month before the meeting date.
  3. To qualify for our support, your project must be one of the following:
    • working outside the UK (preferably with an emphasis on active involvement in agriculture or rural development),
    • a UK national charity
    • a charity active in Oxfordshire and Berkshire
    We have a preference for charities working in the areas of welfare, education, medical or disadvantaged children's needs, or agriculturally/conservation focussed. The Trustees have also supported local conservation and archaeological projects. The Trustees only occasionally assist individuals with local connections who are personally known to one of the Trustees.
  4. Your charity must have a base and a bank account in the UK.
  5. Unless you send an S.A.E. with your application you will only hear from us if your application is successful.
  6. Please send a copy of your latest Annual Report and Accounts if you are a first time applicant.